Christmas has indeed come early at Fold7 as we launch our first major project for Samsung, promoting its SUHD TV with an online film to coincide with the upcoming end-of-year shopping season.

Entitled “Accidents”, the campaign has been developed to generate buzz around the innovative new Samsung TV, which uses groundbreaking Nano Crystal Display technology to create a sensational viewing experience.

Based on the insight that with every launch of a new great tech product, consumers wish to replace their old products with the newest editions, the film shows various people across the globe mischievously finding any excuse to replace their old TV with a new Samsung SUHD TV.

From hazardous vacuum cables caught round TVs – one unfortunate tug culminating in the be-all and-end all – to unattended running baths being left to overflow, the series of occurrences portrayed are of course anything but unintentional, as the individuals cunningly engineer excuses to upgrade their TV’s.

 “We’re proud to have undertaken our first major project for Samsung,” explains our CEO Marc Nohr. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to create such a simple and powerful story that dramatises a basic human truth that people are prepared to go to great lengths to justify upgrading to the latest technology. The spot makes a hero of the Samsung SUHD TV and in doing so puts the brand at the heart of the story.”

Cast your eyes over the video below, which is currently top of AdAge’s viral video chart with over 12 million views and counting. You can read more on the story in Campaign.