Audible - Alien: Out of the shadows

In honour of this week’s ‘Alien Day’ (or what Alien-crazed fans call ‘LV-426′), we are delighted to announce the release of our new online film for Audible promoting the brand new audio drama, ‘Alien: Out of the Shadows’, based on the original novel by award-winning author Tim Lebbon.

Our film features recovered footage of a Weyland corporation employee recording an routine video message for his family from deep in space. A few seconds in, he gets a nasty surprise that will make everyone watching jump up with sheer terror.

The audio nerds among us were particularly excited to be working with Twentieth Century Fox to incorporate authentic sound effects from the original Alien films. This was a treat provided to us by the masters of audio storytelling themselves: Audible.

Dan and Gate, the creative team behind this film were particularly excited about working with the new yet already multi-award-winning director Glenn Paton to bring another part of the Alien world to life. “Glenn’s attention to detail is awe-inspiring” they explain. “Just look carefully in every corner of the shots and you may find there’s more than what first meets the eye.”

Building on our last campaign for Audible, this piece of content celebrates the power of audio, demonstrating the unique and exciting role that the brand can play in their lives. Watch the film below, which is currently running on Audible’s social media channels.