We’re proud to announce the launch of our latest campaign for Audible which broke this week. It’s the first new work since last year’s “Feel Every Word“.

To help them achieve ambitious growth targets, Audible needed to assert its position amongst the other competing entertainment subscription services and tackle the poor misconceptions of the audiobook category as a whole.

Drawing on the insight that our lives are enriched by listening, we all know that listening gives us the chance to understand and be understood. It can change our minds, moods and perspective. To listen is to challenge, to be challenged, to engage and to be engaged.

So our campaign shares stories that highlight how when listening, life becomes more interesting. Whether you’re transported to other worlds on the tube, find yourself lost on your commute or choose to curl up in bed with a comedian, listening enriches and enhances life.

Our two 30’ TV spots, Cabbie and Reverend, feature characters who, finding time to escape and enrich their everyday listening to Audible – whether that’s eavesdropping on confided conversations or being bewitched by wizards and warlocks.

On Radio, a woman spends her journey home lost in the heat of a dramatic breakup, transforming her evening and outlook. Matt Lucas and Robert Webb also discuss their Audible exclusive titles. Supporting activity across Out of Home and Digital shows how the most mundane moments – travelling on the bus, the tube and an evening run – can be transformed by listening, and how your mind can escape and journey as you do.