We’re super excited to celebrate the launch of our partnership with breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! to encourage women and men to #TrustYourTouch when it comes to checking their boobs.

Research by CoppaFeel! found that the vast majority of young women do not check their boobs regularly. The main barrier was uncertainty, with 6 in 10 saying they lacked the confidence to know how to check. The majority of 18-29 year old women believe that there is a specific method to check their breasts, thinking it is much more complicated than it really is.

The film is scheduled to run on TV and in cinemas and will be supported by an Out-of-Home campaign and retail activations in partnership with a number of high street retailers.

We’re even more excited at the response the story has generated across national media. It has already been picked up by ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the Huffington Post, The Sun, BBC, Metro, Evening Standard, Telegraph, Daily Star and Independent, amongst others.

Indeed the story even trumped The Donald himself on the BBC’s website.