If Carlsberg Did Substitutions

Our “If Carlsberg did Substitutions” campaign has seen us delighting and rewarding the people of England with free tickets to the Euros through the use of hidden cameras, Chris Kamara in prosthetics and a reimagining of the overzealous charity chugger. But the time has come to reveal our lead piece of work in the build up to England’s opening game on June 10th – and it’s pretty epic if we do say so ourselves.

The film takes place in a typical local pub and is a passionate “call to arms” to encourage England fans to substitute any pessimism for belief in their national team. Our heroic protagonist delivers a patriotic monologue directly to camera as he navigates his way around a busy pub filled with emotional England fans. He declares “Oi, pessimism off you come son. Optimism, get warmed up lad, you’re coming on.

In a similar vein to our Carlsberg Fan Academy ad, various visual gags and football references are littered throughout the film, including a score board hanging on the pub wall with ‘Wayne’ and the number 50, referring to how many international goals Rooney has scored for England.

But ultimately the message is clear. Just like Carlsberg, let’s all support our national team and believe in England. Our CCO Ryan Newey explains: “When it comes to tournaments, there’s no shortage of pessimism in this country. The campaign continues Carlsberg’s role as ‘the great motivator’ as games aren’t just won and lost on the pitch, they’re won in the pub.” The “If Carlsberg did substitutions” campaign will continue to unfold with a mix of stunts, content and reactive work from the Carlsberg Newsroom.

Watch the film below and get sharing to gear the nation up for the Euros this summer!