Magners reactive ad campaign

Unless you were wiped off the face of the earth a few weeks back, there’s the highly likely chance that you were inundated with news of the iPhone 7 release. Keen to take full advantage of the Apple hysteria, our creatives spotted a tasty opportunity for a bit of reactive marketing.

Building on our relaunch campaign for the Magners brand entitled “Hold True”, we developed a tactical print campaign championing the authenticity of the cider. While fashion and modern-day fads continue to change at a rapid pace, Magners has held true to its original recipe and way of making cider since 1935. The press ad proudly sports the copy: “One apple product that’s never needed an update.”

You can cast your eyes on the creative in situ below, which ran in the Metro newspaper. It’s a prime example of how we’re constantly on the look-out for opportunities that focus on the “now”, and that build on the momentum of the new brand positioning. The ad has gained coverage in Campaign magazine, was awarded ad of the day by Newsworks and has secured a reach of over 850k on social media.

With the 21st century landscape being an ever-evolving and competitive space, reactive marketing is helping our clients to leapfrog the competition and cut through the noise.

Magners reactive marketing