Fold7 new work for Audible

We’re extremely excited to reveal our first piece of work for leading provider of premium digital spoken audio entertainment, Audible. Having been appointed as its creative and strategic agency in July, our launch campaign has been developed to help Audible increase membership by raising awareness of the unique power of storytelling, and the role that audio entertainment can play in people’s lives.

Presented as a series of stunning noir-style animations, each film showcases images of headphones blend and transform before the viewer’s eyes into new forms which highlight Audible’s key genres – bringing to life the transformative effect that listening can have. Featuring the voices of English actors Steven Berkoff and Josie Lawrence, the films capture Audible’s power of bringing narratives to life, into something unexpected and real.

You can take a peek at the animations below, which are currently airing on VOD and read more on the story in Campaign.