wanted to move from being Britain’s 6th price comparison website into the top 3 in 3 years. However, with the big players like Compare the Market and Moneysupermarket outspending them by a factor of ten, would need a solution that worked a lot harder and smarter.

We decided to celebrate being the second place people check. Being second was not only more realistic, it was more commercially savvy because people tend to commit to an offer on the second site. We knew that the audience needs to feel in control of their finances and be absolutely certain they’re getting the best deal, so we tapped into this existing checking behaviour. We challenged consumers to fight back against the big guns and to opt for which checks more financial products than anyone else in the market.

The campaign saw a 200% increase in brand search, 275% increase in homepage visit, 12% increase in prompted brand awareness, and the company was sold to Zoopla for 80 million that year.

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