Thoughts 19.04.17

Fold7 becomes Føld7

In Denmark, there is a word ‘arbejdsglaede’. It doesn’t exist in English, but it translates to meaning ‘work’ and ‘happiness’. So for the next month, we Foldsters are living #TheDanishWay in order to find a little ‘arbejdsglaede’.

Now of course living Danishly means gorging ourselves on Danish pastries and enjoying Carlsberg on tap. But it also means try and address our work-life balance by logging out a little earlier to prioritise time with our family. We’re not even allowed to send emails between 8pm and 8am.

It means getting all hygge [heu-gah]. Feeling all fuzzy and snuggly in meetings. Candles. Blankets. Clients, creatives, planners and account teams in hygge harmony.

It also means nature sounds on Fold7FM, and eating lunch away from our desks. We Foldsters are also making an effort to get back in the saddle and take the more scenic route to work on two wheels.

Our new campaign though is the result of ten months constant care and craft. Filmed exclusively in Copenhagen (where else!), we captured many of the Danish capital’s famous landmarks. Perhaps the most iconic being the star of the campaign, Mads Mikkelsen. As a native Copenhagener, and the fact that he exudes wisdom and style, he felt like the natural choice.

The films were brough to life by two A-list directors: Martin Krejci and Peter Lydon, and posted at MPC and Unit. We’re really pleased with the feeling of warmth and optimism they generate, which is ironic as they we filmed on cold winter days in December and February!

The whole Danish experience has been a wonderful eye-opener for everyone at the Fold. And we are determined to adopt a more Danish approach to how we live and do business.

We like to think that Foldsters are by nature open, friendly and progressive, so Denmark is kinda in our DNA. So if you’re in the area, swing by Kirby Street and drop in for a cold one. Our office is easy to spot, it’s the one with the giant Danish flag hanging outside. But keep the noise down as we may be having a hygge moment.