Thoughts 31.07.17

Trends In Content: 04 Viral Fame, Domestic Bliss and Potbellies

Image source: Guy Parker-Rees.

CONTENT: It turns out even content publishers and traditional media owners can fall into the trap of failing to invest in social media marketing!

UBS teamed up with Vice and Vanity Fair to create a content creation arm called ‘Unlimited’ but admits now that it was at the expense of “good old fashioned marketing”. IE – they were doing all this cool stuff but no one was seeing it.


TREND: Viral fame academies are popping up in the US. Yes, you read that right…. 

As viral fame becomes more attainable, summer camps may be the next classroom for kids. Here’s a quote that sticks out for me: “YouTube and Snapchat are big, but Instagram is bigger. One girl proclaims that she is “sooo over Facebook” and a few others agree.” They speak about social platforms like sneaker trends… And apparently – “75% of kids want to be YouTubers”.


TREND: Small food brand Potbelly are testing their new Facebook ads to see if they actually make people happy

For Potbelly’s new campaign, “Feed Your Smile,” the brand and its agency Doner partnered with MSU to test its creative in a lab environment. While test subjects view the social content, everything from their breathing patterns to heart rates to sweat glands to facial expressions is measured. Only if certain targets are met — people smile, their heart beats faster, indicating excitement, or other physiological responses — does the creative pass.


INSIGHT: How IKEA creates a vision of ‘domestic bliss’ around the world

With a print run of 203 million copies this year, the IKEA catalogue ranks alongside the Bible, the Koran, and Harry Potter as one of the world’s most-distributed books.

For years it’s served as a product showcase and manifesto, showing a vision of creating a “better everyday life for the many people”. But “many people” means there are many different versions of that good life! Here’s how they do it