Thoughts 17.08.17

Trends In Content: 07 Originals Everywhere, Instagram Murals and Creepy IKEA

Image Credit: 9 to 5 Mac

CONTENT: Apple investing 1 Billion in their own content 

Every man and their dog are now making original content. You’ve been doing it for years with your hilarious Snaps and Instagram Stories. Someone should invest in you, but until that day comes round, companies continue to plough more money into inventing the next blockbuster. However, Apple’s financial investment is about a sixth of what Netflix is spending. If Apple can make more (read = better) shows they will be able to gain a higher revenue share per show for the Apple Store. They have a long way to go Apple’s Planet of the Apps has an IMDB score of 6.1/10 while Netflix’s House of Cards scores 9/10.


INFOGRAPHIC: How many of the world’s population uses social media?


SOCIAL MEDIA: In the Age of Instagram, Murals Take on New Meaning

The art wall’s allure as a social media-worthy photo op has been embraced by retailers as a marketing opportunity. Does it convert into sales?


CONTENT: Facebook takes on YouTube with Watch, its new episodic video service

More original programming?! The service is presently being tested with a handful of users in the US and will gradually roll out nationwide. Facebook is funding some shows and inviting independent creators to sign up to the platform on their own as well; once they’re in, they’ll get a Show Page (similar to Pages for brands) that fans can follow and find clips on.



This is how you sell furniture. We applaud the long-form advert, it’s 25 minutes, weird and wonderful.