Thoughts 24.08.17

Trends In Content: 08 An Amazon chat app, lies on Facebook and (even) more influencer posts

Photo Credit: RTC Web

TECH: Why Amazon wants to get in on your messages

The unstoppable goliath that is Amazon could be soon making a messaging app. As our use of social media has matured, we’ve moved to using them as our primary communication platform and it looks like Amazon may want a piece of this pie. If Amazon were to add Anytime to their suite of services. alongside a strong e-com platform, on-demand video and voice-search could they pull users away from Messenger and WhatsApp?

See below of the ranking of apps based on monthly usage, Amazon has 65m users they could easily market to and tempt with a free chat app chat. Potentially Amazon could grab some of the conversations currently happening on dark social. Sharing a link to an Amazon product page on email and asking your friend for advice, could now happen on Anytime.



CONTENT: Brands promote influencer posts as their own

About time! This is something I’ve actually wanted to do for a while – brands can now promote an influencer’s posts on their behalf. This gives brands the ability to ensure that brand collaborations which often receive lower exposure than their organic content are now seen by a larger proportion of their audience. Thank you, Facebook for listening in on my secret wishes.


SOCIAL: Facebook’s global user base isn’t what you think it is

Hats off to We Are Social for this excellent research piece looking at the data self-described by users on Facebook. The key quote that grabbed our attention – “There are more 18-year-old men using Facebook today than there are 18-year-old men living on Earth”. Essentially users who sign up to the platform over-represent their age to hit minimum requirements, there are spikes at age 18, 21, and 26, 36, and 46 year’s old. There are also a number of women who have set their gender to male. When some user profile cannot be trusted, how best to deliver advertising campaigns? Base these on interests and passion-points and not demographic data.