Thoughts 31.08.17

Trends in Content: 09 Teens love Amazon, hand models and voice-assisted friends

TREND: Amazon is the number one app for teens

Millenials do love to do them some shopping. It’s the app that they just “can’t go without”. With 38% of product searches happening on Amazon first (not Google), Amazon is quickly becoming the de facto search app. Combined with free music and video on Prime, the app is now a destination to browse content, rather than just a shopping mall.


CONTENT: Meta-Mockumentary “Handy” had it all

Instead of ad breaks, Comedy Central aired two and half minute episodes of a mockumentary series that followed working Hollywood hand model Erik Thomas. It’s was a brave move for the channel, and we found ourselves laughing at it again recently. Catch it here.


TECH: Alexa and Cortana become friends

The War of Voice continues with a partnership between Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana, both voice-powered assistants. With the battleground now being set with Google & Walmart announcing a recent partnership to counter Amazon’s Whole Food’s buyout. The battle for voice is heating up.


CONTENT: Facebook original programming launches

It’s happening, Facebook is rolling out “Watch” in America this weekend. Publishers are already trying to sell sponsored shows to brands. Maybe we’ll see a documentary about a sky diver sponsored by Red Bull on our Facebook feeds soon? Is that a good or bad thing?