Thoughts 20.09.17

Trends in Content: 12 A bag of nuts, live-chat and a smart fridge

Photo Credit: YouTube

CONTENT – Samsung Home: The Domestics

Kudos to Samsung who resisted the urge to shoehorn product into every possible opening and created a series that’s not only likeable but fun to watch. It’s the classic twist on the odd-couple relationship with a 2017 makeover, featuring online celebrities living together, with a smart fridge.


CREATIVE – “The only people who retire are those who don’t like their jobs”

I’m not a designer, but this talk was a joy to watch. Anton & Irene’s creative approach, the projects they undertake and their outlook on life and their self-initiated creative projects is exciting. Even if you don’t work within a creative role, this talk will inspire you.

CAMPAIGN – What does “Yes, Good” even mean?

Turn your Amazon review into your tagline and build a whole campaign around it. This works because it’s hilarious and beautifully put together. They’ve gone the whole hog and even started making a range of merchandise to accompany the Amazon review!

CONTENT – 8 marketing tips from Intercom’s startup strategy

You’ve probably not heard of Intercom but you’ll have definitely have used their live-chat software. This blog is a bit of a beast so you’ve been warned but it dissects some smart marketing behind how this startup built their name.