Thoughts 31.10.17

Trends In Content 16: Micro influencers, Facebook organic reach drops and Dominos does weddings

CONTENT: The biggest drop in Facebook organic reach we’ve ever seen

Although Facebook denies this is a long-term programme, and only a regional test (that could last a few months), this shows the direction they’re heading in. Not good news for any brands or publishers who want to post a lot of organic content.


SOCIAL VIDEO: Tastemade are launching Tastemade Home and Tastemade Travel

Social media video giant Tastemade is committing to make more than 150 hours of new home and travel content over the next 12 months for its Facebook and Instagram platforms, alongside YouTube, Tastemade’s apps for Apple TV and other connected TV platforms. The home and travel content also will be available on Snapchat, where Tastemade has daily Discover channels in the U.S., U.K. and France.


CONTENT: We Are Social’s Influencer Masterclass

Last night we attended We Are Social’s masterclass event. Here are a few notes from the talk:

  • Consumers trust recommendations from a friend more than any other form of advertising (Nielson 2015).
  • Micro-influencers are individuals with a smaller amount of followers, less than a few thousand. What they lack in reach, they more than makeup for in authenticity and credibility. And although they take more time to manage, they are much cheaper to activate.
  • Campaigns should include a mixture of different types of influencers. For example have a ‘Hero’ influencer – the likes of Zoella, some ‘micro influencers’ and then some ‘superfans’ (general customers who are crazy passionate about your brand.
  • Featuring photos from an influencer campaign on a product site can increase conversion by 10% (Bloom & Wild)


TECH: Dominos does weddings

Dominos Pizza is a digital pioneer. Just check out all the digital touchpoints they’re across with Dominos Anywhere.

And now they’ve gone and done it again by launching a wedding registry. For further reading from the world of pizza check out what you can learn from them.