Thoughts 03.11.17

Trends In Content 17: Insta hits 2m advertisers, Social in 2018, Big Tech and focus on your Hustle

Photo Credit: Complex

CONTENT: 5 Social Media Trends for 2018

Yes, this is a ‘listicle’, but it’s a really useful one that summarises what brands and agencies working in content are looking at, investing in and working towards. Scroll halfway down the list.


WATCH: Complex Hustle

This series from the hip-hop magazine is aimed at creators, entrepreneurs and young professionals i.e YOU. Check out their interview series where they talk to the taste-makers and some of the most culturally relevant urban and street brands. Each episode is broken down into their hustle and what you can learn from them. This one from Bobby, founder of The Hundreds is our favourite.


TECH: Should we be asking more from Big Tech?

Facebook continues to claim it is not a media firm however 45% of Americans get their news from the platform. By resisting the label Facebook and the other tech giants can circumnavigate the responsibility for the content on their networks. As the Russian hacking scandal continues and we start to see the depth and influence of a nation-state on our most-used social network, perhaps it is time for greater oversight and regulation. What do you think?


SOCIAL: Instagram hits milestone of over 2 million advertisers

This was a while ago now (where has the last two months gone?) but Instagram now has over 2 million advertisers using the platform to promote their content. Worth looking at what Instagram sees as the most effective advertising creative this year.