Thoughts 30.11.17

Trends in Content 19: Snapchat redesign, an AR car and a music video that fills your phone

SOCIAL: Snapchat launches a redesign that separates your friends from brands

Snapchat has redesigned their feed to make it easier for users to communicate with their friends and consume branded content by splitting the feed. Snapchat’s real aim will be to monetise how brands appear in the new column (eg pay to be featured at the top).


CONTENT: BMW’s augmented reality advert uses Snapchat to allow users to walk around the car 

BMW is the first brand to create a 3D augmented reality version of a product with Snapchat, and it looks pretty realistic. The idea is for customers to be able to walk around the car and get a real sense of the product before considering a purchase.

CONTENT: Vice Media CEO on Branded Content Success

It’s not a particularly new video (it’s actually from Cannes last year) but it gives a few great insights into how the head of one of the biggest publishers views branded content.


TECH: The tech startup that secured over $6 billion dollars in funding before releasing a product

According to the experimental arm of The Mill, Magic Leap is the one to watch in 2018. Supposedly releasing a product in the new year, they have been teasing fans with snippets of information about what is tipped to be one of the most revolutionary virtual reality products to hit the market.


WATCH: Music Video by Run and run / lyrical school 

Lyrical School is a Japanese female pop band whose debut music video makes full use of the fact that their young audience will primarily be watching it on their mobiles. A great way to use the medium to add to the story.