Thoughts 08.11.16

Fold7 Launches Unfolded Talks

‘Top 10 VR trends’, ‘The future of mobile advertising’, ‘Content marketing predictions for 2016’…still awake? Much of what’s considered as thought leadership in our industry sounds like a broken record. So here at Fold7 we took it upon ourselves to do things differently.

We wanted to find out whether social technologies are bringing us closer together, or creating alienation and division. Are we saturated with digital messaging, or is its full potential untapped? We’re big believers in ‘horizontal innovation’ – the power of combining seemingly unrelated elements to find new solutions to problems. With that in mind, we invited four experts in different fields to debate the issue: Robin Dunbar, Oxford Professor and creator of Dunbar’s Number; Helen Lewis, Deputy Editor of the New Statesman; Berni Good, cyber psychologist; Martin Talks, founder of Digital Detoxing . If that wasn’t enough big brains for one evening, Charles Arthur, author of Digital Wars, curated the session. Each speaker had 15 minutes to explore how human culture and individual identity is evolving alongside social networking and mobile technology – find out what they said below. To find out more information on Unfolded talks, why not drop us a line here.

Highlights from Unfolded Talks

Helen Lewis, Deputy Editor of the New Statesman, discusses how social media is polarising politics

Oxford University professor, Robin Dunbar, on why he believes meaningful relationships are established face to face, not online

Are we becoming oversaturated with social media? Martin Talks, founder of digital detoxing encourages audiences to ‘unplug’

Cyber Psychologist, Berni Good, explores the benefits around psychological wellbeing in virtual worlds