Thoughts 29.08.13

What’s the next big thing?

There are a small handful of tech companies that are responsible for the largest impact in terms of the way that we live now. For example, the output of Google, Sony, and Apple alone has changed the ease, immediacy, and mobility with which we can discover information, listen to music, play games, keep up with our nearest and dearest, and record our lives. They have managed to take technologies that previously had reserved spaces in our homes, and shrunk them into small devices that slide seamlessly into our pockets. Because of this, the way we go about our daily lives has changed dramatically. But what could possibly come next? What else can be shrunk in size or made drastically simpler?

With a number of tech launches on the horizon between now and Christmas (yep, we just mentioned it), Brand Republic has rounded up of 10 of the most exciting ones.
Although the introduction of a gold iPhone may not go down in innovation’s history, could wearable technology be the next big thing?