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New Audible Campaign

New campaign for Audible positions the brand as an enriching tech experience.

The work taps into a growing trend among consumers who are seeking out more fulfilling and enriching experiences from tech brands and builds on research which revealed a growing awareness amongst UK consumers about the amount of time they spend liking and swiping through apps.

The fully integrated campaign provokes viewers to question their own smartphone usage by comparing the influence of some smartphone apps with the possibility of choosing more rewarding alternatives.

We do this in the film by flitting between two orangutans: one exhibiting the human behaviour swiping and gaming juxtaposed with another listening to three quotes from Audible’s audiobook catalogue while calmly completing a Rubik’s Cube, we shine a spotlight on the enriching tech experience Audible offers.

A series of four OOH posters each showcasing four members of the primate species (mandrill, orangutan, gibbon and sifaka) also asks the reader to think about more enriching tech experiences.