Online Film


Samsung wanted to ensure its new SUHD TV was top of everyone’s Christmas wish list in order to grow the market through the period and increase market share. They needed an idea that would introduce the product in an unexpected way, whilst resonating on a global scale.


Our insight was simple; with every launch of a great new tech product, consumers yearn to replace old products with the newest editions. So we created a tongue-in-cheek holiday-themed campaign looking at the lengths people will go to in order to get their hands on a new Samsung SUHD TV. From hazardous vacuum cables caught round TVs to a father swapping his child’s toy hammer for a real one, the scenarios are of course anything but unintentional – each carefully engineered to end in a ‘happy accident’.


The online film was released over the Black Friday and Christmas shopping period on Samsung TV’s social media channels, and ran across APAC, EMEA, US and Canada. Dramatising this basic human truth resonated with audiences worldwide, the video clocking up almost 20 million views in its first two weeks – over 500% to target. The campaign also received 5 stars in David Reviews and topped AdAge’s viral video chart; crowned number 1 video of the week and soaring above Old Spice, Facebook and Walmart.