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NABS rebrand

NABS rebrand

Repositioning the charity as a champion of wellbeing for everyone in advertising and media.

As the charity for people working in advertising and media, NABS faces an on-going challenge to remain relevant to an industry that is constantly evolving. We helped NABS redefine their mission, to champion overall career success, rather than focus on emergency response alone. Together with this new positioning, we developed a brand world that better reflects their renewed intention to be by your side throughout your career.


In just two words, we can communicate NABS’ genuine brand values – from being accessible and impartial, to showing heartfelt support. We want to open up a conversation and invite people to question not only how they are doing, but also where they want to be going.

The new brand assets visually communicate our mission to help find a positive path forward through life’s ups and downs. It evokes the sense that we are building a community that everybody feels they can belong to and thrive within.