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New Gumtree Campaign

Our new campaign for Gumtree, ‘Turning Points,’ is the latest illustration of how the app is about more than transactions, it’s a tool for seizing opportunity in times of change.

As our lives grow and progress, our needs for space, goods and services change in turn. From trying a new hobby to welcoming a new addition to the family, we’re forever creating new possibilities for a better life ahead. So, what happens when the music-studio-cum-bike-workshop of last year has only a couple of months to transform into a baby’s nursery? Gumtree makes the switch simple by combining a huge breadth of products, services and users with the effortless user experience of its mobile app.

Illustrating the ease and fulfillment of using Gumtree in life-changing moments, the spot takes us through a whirlwind montage following a young couple newly installed in a new flat together. Using the Gumtree app, they’re one swipe away from a new sofa, a baby buggy and even a car to accommodate the twists and turns of their lives. The seamless sequence of upgrades, adaptations and replacements are brought to life in the creative with surreal optical illusions. Whether it’s a bed handed down through the ceiling, a car flipping up the street, or a sofa sprung from a phone screen, the playful scenes illustrate the power and fluidity of the Gumtree app, as a companion to take advantage of new beginnings.

The TV spot is part of an integrated campaign also including National Radio and OOH.