When life moves, make your Rightmove hero image

When life moves, make your Rightmove


The brand idea – when life moves, make your Rightmove – positions the brand in the emotional territory of moving home, rather than buying property.

Through various stories in a fully integrated campaign, we impart the simple but powerful thought that as life changes, our home should change too.

The latest spot shows a father trying to find a brief moment of peace to read. He’s humorously interrupted by his twins playing the recorder and is later piled upon by his kids who cover him in stickers. He then relocates to the bathroom before being interrupted again. Eventually, he resorts to sitting outside – at which point he realises, a move might be a good idea. The final shots show the family moving to a more spacious home with room for the kids to play, and it even boasts a big enough shed for Dad to escape to for some very much needed peace and quiet – for now.

The campaign first launched last year with Life’s Step’s – the story of Graham’s life and how over time, he grows weary of taking the stairs. He finally makes his right move and as life’s circle continues, we see how a new family and their little one begins their own journey through life’s steps.

The second chapter was Bachelors – the story of Sam and John, who reach a turning point in their lives together. From the opening shot showing a lifetime of inseparable friendship, we are soon introduced to a new arrival: John’s girlfriend, Gemma. And she’s moving in. Once she takes up residence in Sam and John’s house, a third-wheel drama unfolds. Dinner for two is interrupted, cuddles on the sofa are shared with John, reclining in his pants. As our third wheel reaches over for the last slice of pizza, it’s clear that this has gone far enough. Enter Rightmove. With a few taps on Sam’s phone, the couple is transported to their own space, and some much-needed peace for themselves. Even better, their lively friend is only next door!

The idea was brought to life in national OOH and on taxis sides all across London.


We also created a programme of content called Moving Stories.

The stories of real people who have made extraordinary moves – the kind many of us think about and few of us actually make: