One Day Could Be Today

Our latest Rightmove campaign inspires us to act on our dreams!

The UK’s biggest property website encourages viewers not to let life pass them by making their one day, today. The campaign runs across TV and outdoor (including key London sites) and forms part of Rightmove’s ongoing ‘explore the life that could be’ strategic brand message. The 60″ film takes us on one scarecrow’s journey to find her happy in a cosy nearby cottage she’s always longed to call home.

Dave Billing, our ECD, said “Every creative wants to film a fairytale and this has been a professional high for me. It’s the fantasy creative brief from the market leader – and a subject that’s close to the nation’s hearts. It’s no surprise that this film about dreams and wish fulfilment has been a dream brief to work on.”

The audio described version, which received a wonderful response from the visually impaired community, can be listened to here.

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Good Taste with a Twist

New 1664 Blanc campaign playfully depicts a world of French luxury and elegance

Our latest international campaign for 1664 Blanc uses playful twists and visual tricks to surprise the viewer whilst also hinting at the uniquely smooth character of the beer and inviting them to taste its citrus twist for themselves. The campaign will run on TV, Social and Print, with the latter reinforcing the beer’s playfully elegant, aspirational lifestyle positioning. Central to the campaign is a collaboration with Facebook, with whom Fold7 worked closely to create interactive and immersive assets.

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Life’s a Handful

New Carex campaign celebrates the glorious messiness of everyday life

The new campaign celebrates the glorious messiness of everyday life and positions Carex as giving families the freedom to thrive. The campaign will run across broadcast, social and digital channels. Centrepiece to the campaign is a 40” film which is set to an uplifting spin on the traditional American spiritual song, ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’.

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Know Yourself

New campaign for CoppaFeel! shows how knowing your body could save your life

The latest push is driven by research initiated by the breast cancer awareness charity which shows a quarter of young people aren’t aware that breast cancer could affect them and 1 in 5 young people say they would delay going to a GP after finding symptoms because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Based on the insight that being aware of what your ‘normal’ is means you’re more likely to notice a change in your body, the campaign seeks to draw attention to the fact that all age groups and genders can be affected by breast cancer with the endline: Breast cancer can affect any body. Knowing yours could save your life.

The film features young people on a journey of self-discovery with their bodies in an intimate series of vignettes. The Director worked closely with the cast to draw upon their own experiences in order to deliver a raw and honest representation of self-exploration.

The campaign is extended further in print and outdoor, with the human body presented as a landscape to be explored by overlaying geographical contour lines across intimate close-up photography. The ‘human landscape’ images were captured by photographer Kristina Varaksina through Fujifilm, with a public exhibition of the images taking place at the Fujifilm House of Photography in central London.

The campaign will run across TV, radio, print and social in September, through to October, which is breast cancer awareness month.

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“Have you heard?”

New campaign captures the energy of sharing great entertainment series.

The audio landscape is evolving and exciting. Listening is the new watching and Audible continues to find new and compelling ways to tell stories. Our latest campaign brings to life Audible’s audio blockbusters, featuring hyper-enthused listeners sharing their latest Original discoveries.

The UK TV campaign will be supported by VOD, Cinema and OOH.


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The Charge

The first work to launch since we won the Mettle account last year, ‘The Charge’ speaks to the self-starters of Britain.

The new 30” spot features an army of sole-traders, freelancers and side-hustlers charging forward to start their own thing on their own terms – including two of Mettle’s own customers. As more and more Brits take the leap and turn what they love into a source of income, the voice-over offers a rallying call to self-starters to join the 5 million British adults who are already part of the “Passion Economy.”

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The Seal

Carlsberg’s partnership with WWF becomes front and centre for the brand in this new chapter of communications.

The Seal dramatises Carlsberg’s contribution to the planting of seagrass in UK waters, helping to reverse a century of damage that has seen almost 92% of the species lost. A vital habitat for wildlife, seagrass is also an incredible tool in the fight against climate change, absorbing carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests.

The partnership with WWF is the latest in a long series of sustainable initiatives from Carlsberg in the UK, reflecting the beer brand’s commitment to creating a better tomorrow for our planet.

The campaign will run across TV, VOD and online video.

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The Renter

Our new spot brings to life the exciting possibilities that renting offers you.

Remote working has made us all rethink the kind of lives we want to live, and geographically where we want to be. Renting is sometimes seen as the less preferable choice, when in fact there are many renters who enjoy the freedom it provides.

The Renter tells a tale of a woman who lives exactly as she chooses (pickles and all) thanks to freedoms and flexibilities renting gives her.

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Fortune Flavours The Bold

Fortune Flavours The Bold

Japanese fruit-flavoured sweet brand, HI-CHEW, makes its UK debut this week with a distinctive new brand world and social campaign created by Fold7. Targeting a sweet-loving, digitally native Gen Z audience, this is the first time the brand has used an agency to define its positioning and visual universe.

To create the brand’s visual language, the Fold7 team drew inspiration from Japanese TV graphics and street signage. Short, sharp and irreverent at times, punchy colour combinations bring the intense fruit flavours to the fore, resulting in a  brand world that is highly distinctive and fun.

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Good Taste with a Twist

Good Taste with a Twist

Our new campaign ‘Good Taste with a Twist’ for Kronenbourg 1664, underlines the beer’s premium positioning and French heritage, heroing its standout blue bottle and signature flavour with a hint of citrus. The work depicts a world of playful elegance, introducing surprising twists to modern French icons. Key visuals include a French bulldog sporting a blue moustache, a frosty lemon-squeezing blue lobster and a trunk turned cooler.

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This Is It

There is no such thing as the perfect time, just the right time for you.

Britain is moving, but in an effort to ‘time the market’ some people wait for the ‘perfect time’ wracked by indecision – letting uncertainty get in the way of important personal milestones. Our latest campaign idea sets out to challenge this. Continuing the “Find Your Happy” brand platform, the ad sees a couple imagining what a new home could make possible, before turning to each other as if to say “This is it”.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a 60’ TV ad.

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Fly Audible and Travel the Worlds!

Introducing Fly Audible…

As travel restrictions and cautions ruin hopes of the usual trip abroad, the UK are settling in for staycations aplenty. But perhaps, there’s another way to get that much needed escape this summer?

Audible’s latest campaign reimagines the brand as the ideal travel partner for lockdown, transporting us to exciting and faraway literary destinations. Harking back to an era when the advertising was as special as travel itself, we use iconic imagery of classic travel advertising from the 1970s to promote a wide range of destinations that the listener can be transported to.

The integrated campaign will run across TV, Radio and Social.

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Welcome Back Pubs

Capturing the nation’s appreciation of their cherished local pub and the anticipation of a long-awaited draught pint with friends.

With lockdown restrictions easing and news that pubs in England can safely reopen from 4th July, we moved quickly to finalise and film an integrated campaign within 10 days, ready to mark the cultural moment when pubs can safely reopen their doors having been closed for three months.

In the lead up to the 4th July, social teasers started a daily countdown, with cheeky posts mocking lockdown haircuts and capturing anticipation of the first sip of a draught pint in months, alongside social distancing messages.

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Gumtree take a moment to thank every neighbour.

Now, more than ever, people are valuing and caring for their local communities. In this reactive film, we thank every neighbour for staying indoors, for checking in on one another, and for displaying hope by putting up rainbows. Produced in just two weeks, it shows a montage of ordinary front doors across Britain, simply snapped using an army of phone cameras to build up a picture of neighbourhoods across the UK.

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A car right up your street

Our latest work from ‘The Neighbourhood’s Good’ platform, dramatises the experience of finding your next second-hand car right around the corner.

In contrast to the loud, transactional tone of most car marketplace advertising, the character-driven narrative from the perspective of a child, develops the campaign’s authentic representation of communities in the UK and the connections people make in their neighbourhoods. Locality is a key part of the decision-making process when buying and selling a second-hand car, giving Gumtree a place within everyday local lives. Who better to trade with than people just a stone’s throw away?

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Probably the most modest beer in the world

Taking a more humble approach with Expørt

Following ‘Probably Not’ which won Marketing Week’s Campaign of the year 2019, the latest work from Carlsberg claims that Expørt is “probably the most modest beer in the world.” Running across out-of-home, print, digital and social, we communicate the brand’s taste credentials is a witty way.

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Science Behind The Shoe

Inspiring runners with ASICS’s game changing tech

We work with ASICS (EMEA) to grow their share in the running category, ensuring that the brand is considered and preferred when runners enter the purchase phase. Through a range of digital content and physical event experiences, we inspire and educate around their products or around running in general. In 2019 we launched Science Behind The Shoe, a content series which tells the story of the brand’s technology, from the initial inspirations and development stage, through to the finished product.

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Call øn Kallø

Our new campaign ‘Call øn Kallø’ taps into the vegan trend and positions the food brand for people who believe good, tasty food should come naturally.

The campaign, which runs in Social, OOH and DOOH, is our first work for the brand since winning the account last year.

Bryan Martins, Marketing Director at Wessanen UK (brand owner for Kallø), comments: 

“Kallø has long been a store-cupboard staple with 12% household penetration and a highly loyal core consumer base who place more value on natural, organic foods. This campaign unapologetically shifts to a more decisive voice to unlock wider usage occasions in those calling out for good tasting food that doesn’t have to compromise healthy eating goals.”

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Our new TV campaign for Audible shows how distracting and overwhelming the content on our phones can be. It builds on the strategy launched in 2018 with “Mindful Moments”, which positioned the brand as a more enriching mobile experience, and addresses people’s desire to stop scrolling and spend their time better.

Matthew Parker, Director of Brand Marketing, Audible: “Our latest campaign continues to remind people that there’s a more enriching alternative to mindless applications, and that their time could be better spent with Audible. We’re delighted with the creative and the way Fold7 have brought our brand positioning to life with such energy.


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Audible OOH Posters

Our latest campaign for Audible dramatises the mindless distractions that we all experience on our phones.


The creative focuses on a number of different sources for our distraction – social media influencers, dating apps, mobile games and a certain Mr. President – before reminding us that Audible is the more enriching alternative. The work ran on OOH and digital.


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Villa Ascenti

Launching Diageo’s new super-premium gin.

This summer, the world’s leading spirits producer opened a new €420,000 distillery in Italy and added a super-premium gin to its portfolio – Villa Ascenti.

To launch the gin in 14 European countries – including the UK, Italy, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland and Poland – Fold7 focused on the unique proposition that Villa Ascenti offers both regular and non-regular gin drinkers; a ‘Homegrown Italian Gin’ made from handpicked ingredients, including thyme and Moscato grape for a smoother finish; it is also a spirit for the table, unlike most other gins.

We created a suite of hero static and moving image assets to bring the brand world to life, focusing on its Italian heritage and on those moments around the table when you forget the world beyond.

The creative has launched online with digital banners and will be supported by social later in the year.


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Grab Life By The Boobs

Latest Coppafeel! Campaign asks people to “Grab Life By The Boobs” in a bid to normalise regularly checking your boobs, particularly for demographics that are statistically less likely to do so, such as the BAME community, transgender community and cisgender men. It will run across TV, cinema, radio, print, OOH and online.

The campaign follows on from the widely celebrated “Trust Your Touch” ad, which was the first advert to show a female nipple on daytime TV.


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The Lake

Carlsberg brand philosopher Mads Mikkelsen returns as part of the campaign to relaunch Carlsberg UK’s new Danish Pilsner.

The film confronts the perception that the beer has not lived up to its promise because in the UK, Carlsberg pursued being the biggest, not the best and its beer suffered. Mads introduces the new beer and poses the question of whether the brewer responsible for the old one has been dealt with. The film adds further momentum to the campaign that started in social media in April (see Most Honest Campaign Yet).



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Most Honest Campaign Yet

Questioning the famous ‘probably the best beer in the world’ promise.

New Carlsberg campaign focuses on the acknowledgement that Carlsberg had lost its way, and announces that in order to live up to the promise of being ‘probably the best beer in the world,’ it had to rebrew its beer. The strategy has come to life with a fully integrated campaign driven by honesty and a return to the philosophy that sits at the brand’s heart –  the pursuit of better.

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Latest campaign reflects Carlsberg’s philosophy of always pursuing better.

Two new films launch this month in Denmark, before rolling out across other European markets.

“The Delivery” dramatises Carlsberg’s brand philosophy and follows Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as he cycles through the streets of Denmark, reflecting on the idea that anything can be improved with with a positive outlook.

Also launching is “Snap Pack”, which showcases Carlsberg’s new, sustainable packaging. Using a revolutionary new technology, it’s contributing to a better world by reducing plastic as part of their broader environmental pledge.

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The Neighbourhood’s Good

Latest campaign encourages people to shop locally by focusing on the similarities between people in their local areas.

The fully integrated campaign plays up Gumtree’s greatest strength: that it is local, and that you have more in common with your neighbours than you think – so you are more likely to find things that you want from people near you. The brand enables you to find things you need or would like to sell in your own community.

Creative also runs across DOOH, Radio, Digital and Social channels.

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A Wild Spirit Made By the Sea

Giving depth and meaning to Talisker’s brand platform, ‘Made by the Sea.’

The campaign draws on the location where Talisker was founded in 1830 for inspiration and illustrate striking imagery of globetrotting ‘Wild Spirits’ exploring the harbour side of Carbost and the mountains of the Isle of Skye respectively.The term ‘Wild Spirits’ speaks to the brand’s history, the taste and character of the product itself and the attitude of the modern whisky drinker. It also ties in with the spirit of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge: the world’s toughest rowing race, that needs a particular type of competitor.

The film, print and digital feature a number of these brand advocates, whether that’s rowing across the Atlantic, wild swimming, hiking through the wilderness, or just mixing together in front of a campfire. The eight exceptional brand advocates will feature across both social and above-the-line channels.

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Our first global work launches Carlsberg’s new ‘Unfiltered’ offering and builds on the success of the ‘The Danish Way.’

The campaign sees a more rugged Mikkelsen exhibit the progressive, straightforward and honest qualities that represent a more ‘Unfiltered’ outlook. The work reflects the characteristics of the new brew and suggests another explanation for why Carlsberg is probably the best beer in the world.

The campaign launches in film and out-of-home first in Ireland, followed by other markets across the globe.

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Mindful Moments

New campaign for Audible positions the brand as an enriching tech experience.

The work taps into a growing trend among consumers who are seeking out more fulfilling and enriching experiences from tech brands and builds on research which revealed a growing awareness amongst UK consumers about the amount of time they spend liking and swiping through apps.

The fully integrated campaign provokes viewers to question their own smartphone usage by comparing the influence of some smartphone apps with the possibility of choosing more rewarding alternatives.

We do this in the film by flitting between two orangutans: one exhibiting the human behaviour swiping and gaming juxtaposed with another listening to three quotes from Audible’s audiobook catalogue while calmly completing a Rubik’s Cube, we shine a spotlight on the enriching tech experience Audible offers.

A series of four OOH posters each showcasing four members of the primate species (mandrill, orangutan, gibbon and sifaka) also asks the reader to think about more enriching tech experiences.

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Build The Danish Way

Carlsberg sent six strangers with no prior construction experience, to a hidden slate quarry in Cornwall, where they built the world’s first waterfall-powered pub and were introduced to the Danish way of living.

‘Build the Danish Way’ was designed to give Carlsberg’s UK audience the ideal introduction the Danish values of simplicity, directness, and open communication. By whisking them away from everyday life, taking away their smartphones and devices, and challenging them to build not just a pub but also a friendship, the experience made them question their work-life balance and reassess their relationship with technology.

The team’s progress was captured in a content series which launched across Carlsberg’s UK social channels.


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L&C Campaign

Homebuyers, especially first-timers, find navigating the mortgage market both daunting and complex. Yet there are some who effortlessly make even the most complex of life’s transactions seem straightforward.

The new ‘Glide’ campaign features Darcy the swan. It dramatises the way those of us smart enough to have L&C do all the mortgage legwork, can breeze through this whole process with confidence and ease. In a market which has seen an influx of new digital mortgage broker services, the campaign rightly positions L&C as the trusted market leader.

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New Gumtree

Our new campaign for Gumtree, ‘Turning Points,’ is the latest illustration of how the app is about more than transactions, it’s a tool for seizing opportunity in times of change.

As our lives grow and progress, our needs for space, goods and services change in turn. From trying a new hobby to welcoming a new addition to the family, we’re forever creating new possibilities for a better life ahead. So, what happens when the music-studio-cum-bike-workshop of last year has only a couple of months to transform into a baby’s nursery? Gumtree makes the switch simple by combining a huge breadth of products, services and users with the effortless user experience of its mobile app.

Illustrating the ease and fulfillment of using Gumtree in life-changing moments, the spot takes us through a whirlwind montage following a young couple newly installed in a new flat together. Using the Gumtree app, they’re one swipe away from a new sofa, a baby buggy and even a car to accommodate the twists and turns of their lives. The seamless sequence of upgrades, adaptations and replacements are brought to life in the creative with surreal optical illusions. Whether it’s a bed handed down through the ceiling, a car flipping up the street, or a sofa sprung from a phone screen, the playful scenes illustrate the power and fluidity of the Gumtree app, as a companion to take advantage of new beginnings.

The TV spot is part of an integrated campaign also including National Radio and OOH.

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When life moves, make your Rightmove

The brand idea – when life moves, make your Rightmove – positions the brand in the emotional territory of moving home, rather than buying property.

Through various stories in a fully integrated campaign, we impart the simple but powerful thought that as life changes, our home should change too.

The latest spot shows a father trying to find a brief moment of peace to read. He’s humorously interrupted by his twins playing the recorder and is later piled upon by his kids who cover him in stickers. He then relocates to the bathroom before being interrupted again. Eventually, he resorts to sitting outside – at which point he realises, a move might be a good idea. The final shots show the family moving to a more spacious home with room for the kids to play, and it even boasts a big enough shed for Dad to escape to for some very much needed peace and quiet – for now.

The campaign first launched last year with Life’s Step’s – the story of Graham’s life and how over time, he grows weary of taking the stairs. He finally makes his right move and as life’s circle continues, we see how a new family and their little one begins their own journey through life’s steps.

The second chapter was Bachelors – the story of Sam and John, who reach a turning point in their lives together. From the opening shot showing a lifetime of inseparable friendship, we are soon introduced to a new arrival: John’s girlfriend, Gemma. And she’s moving in. Once she takes up residence in Sam and John’s house, a third-wheel drama unfolds. Dinner for two is interrupted, cuddles on the sofa are shared with John, reclining in his pants. As our third wheel reaches over for the last slice of pizza, it’s clear that this has gone far enough. Enter Rightmove. With a few taps on Sam’s phone, the couple is transported to their own space, and some much-needed peace for themselves. Even better, their lively friend is only next door!

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NABS rebrand

Repositioning the charity as a champion of wellbeing for everyone in advertising and media.

As the charity for people working in advertising and media, NABS faces an on-going challenge to remain relevant to an industry that is constantly evolving. We helped NABS redefine their mission, to champion overall career success, rather than focus on emergency response alone. Together with this new positioning, we developed a brand world that better reflects their renewed intention to be by your side throughout your career.

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CoppaFeel! Campaign

The CoppaFeel! campaign encourages women to regularly touch their boobs in order to detect unusual changes that may signify breast cancer.

In order to increase confidence in self-checking, we decided to focus on the other body part involved– our hands. Without noticing, we use the sensitivity of our touch every day. It tells us whether our avocado is ripe, whether our washing is dry and if our tea is too hot, or just right. We remind people of the power in our hands to feel, fondle, stroke, squeeze and rub. And when it comes to checking our boobs, our touch is an incredible tool we’re all equipped with that could help detect signs of breast cancer earlier and ultimately save our life.

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Carlsberg relaunch

Hej! Velkommen to the Danish way – the campaign celebrates the Danish approach to life. Meet our philosopher and great Dane Mads Mikkelsen. His sage advice and stylish demeanour embodies Carlsberg’s new premium, Danish attitude. Through film and a comprehensive social calendar, he advocates a better, more balanced way of being.

Scroll to Top wanted to move from being Britain’s 6th price comparison website into the top 3 in 3 years. However, with the big players like Compare the Market and Moneysupermarket outspending them by a factor of ten, would need a solution that worked a lot harder and smarter.

We decided to celebrate being the second place people check. Being second was not only more realistic, it was more commercially savvy because people tend to commit to an offer on the second site. We knew that the audience needs to feel in control of their finances and be absolutely certain they’re getting the best deal, so we tapped into this existing checking behaviour. We challenged consumers to fight back against the big guns and to opt for which checks more financial products than anyone else in the market.

The campaign saw a 200% increase in brand search, 275% increase in homepage visit, 12% increase in prompted brand awareness, and the company was sold to Zoopla for 80 million that year.

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Feel Every Word

To convince new audiences to try Audible, we developed a campaign that conveyed the intimacy of one-on-one storytelling

Starring British actors Juliet Stevenson and Eddie Marsan, two TV ads harnessed the thespian richness of their voices to appeal to the viewer. The films demonstrate the visceral nature of the Audible experience and the power of the voice in charging our imagination and making us feel every word.

Fully integrated, the campaign ran across TV, Radio, digital and OOH.

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Stop Clicking Around

To dispel the misconception that online travel agents offer the best rates, we created “Stop Clicking Around.” A global campaign, we encouraged consumers to book through Hilton to avoid hopelessly “clicking around” on third party websites.

The campaign launched across TV, print, digital media, cinema and out-of-home channels and was rolled out across the US, EMEA, APAC, LATAM and Canada.

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To help Audible increase its number of members, we developed a campaign that would give people a compelling reason to try Audible content and add audiobooks.

A series of noir-style animations highlighted Audible’s key genres: Horror, Crime, Comedy and Science Fiction. Rooted in the belief that every great story deserves a great storyteller, the animations were voiced by carefully selected artists Josie Lawrence and Steven Berkoff.

The campaign ran across TV and Radio.

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Online Film

To help Samsung ensure its new SUHD TV was top of everyone’s Christmas wish list we created an online film that was released over the Black Friday and Christmas shopping period on Samsung TV’s social media channels, and ran across APAC, EMEA, US and Canada.

Our insight was simple; with every launch of a great new tech product, consumers yearn to replace old products with the newest editions. So we created a tongue-in-cheek holiday-themed campaign looking at the lengths people will go to in order to get their hands on a new Samsung SUHD TV. From hazardous vacuum cables caught round TVs to a father swapping his child’s toy hammer for a real one, the scenarios are of course anything but unintentional – each carefully engineered to end in a ‘happy accident.

Dramatising this basic human truth resonated with audiences worldwide, the video clocking up almost 20 million views in its first two weeks – over 500% to target.

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Gumtree Relaunch

As part of a major repositioning, we moved Gumtree away from being purely transactional and being seen as a place of last resort, and put the brand in a more emotional space.

Our relaunch ad introduced the new strapline: ‘Opportunity starts on Gumtree’, and invites viewers to follow the journey of a father who buys his daughter a piano on the website and the world of opportunities that could arise. The second instalment, ‘Motors’, saw an older couple fantasise about the countless opportunities within reach after spotting a stunning red sports car for sale on the app. In the final film a young man finds a kitchen assistant role and imagines rising up the ranks in the culinary world. Whatever the outcome, opportunity starts on Gumtree.

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‘If Carlsberg did…Advertising’

Carlsberg had a great line – ‘If Carlsberg did…’ – an incredible brand asset that they wanted to leverage, but in a way that would be entirely modern.

We created ‘The Carlsberg Newsroom’, a reactive marketing team set up to respond to cultural events and apply an ‘If Carlsberg did…’ spin to news stories and current affairs. Simultaneously we combined large scale ‘hero’ advertising moments to drive mass brand awareness and reach, with planned calendar opportunities across print, out-of-home, content and social.

The campaign reached 175 million people globally and won a Cannes Lion for its effectiveness.

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Somersby Launch

To launch Somersby Cider in the UK we created a campaign that celebrated its real apple credentials.

The Somersby Store re-claimed the apple from the realms of modern technology by parodying the excitement and anticipation around the launch of the latest tech gadgets and transferring it to our cider.

The TV-led campaign was supported by PR, social media and online video activity. The Somersby Store attracted over 1.5million views on YouTube.

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Brand creation

Ryan Newey, our CCO and Founder took his first ever brief to create a brand we now recognise as Ted Baker. Back then they were just three men in a basement in Glasgow calling themselves “no ordinary designer shirt”.

Fold7 created the brand name, its quirky personality, and the mysterious character Ted.

Every touch point, from garment labelling to online and instore came with a twist and a sense of humour. It grew from a start-up through to flotation as one of Britain’s most successful retail stories and a global iconic brand.

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