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Audible Fly is the latest Advertising Campaign launched by Creative & Digital Company Fold7.
Audible Fly Advertising Campaign | Fold7
Audible Fly
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Fly Audible


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The Context
During lockdown it was no surprise that the appetite for entertainment increased. Housebound and bored, we wanted more options than ever before. We looked to entertainment brands for an alternative to the onslaught of Covid-related news.
The Opportunity
We spotted an acute cultural tension: People wanted to escape more than ever, but simply couldn’t in person – but that did nothing to stop us yearning.

Pinterest reported a 59% increase vs last year on ‘places to travel’, a 78% increase in ‘beautiful places’ and searches for ‘bucket list travel’ were up 90%, all suggesting that hope and inspiration was increasing as ability decreased.

Audible was perfectly positioned to tap into this cultural tension and provide relief from limitations and restrictions.

Our strategy was to inspire a new wave of wanderlusters to join Audible. We wanted keen travellers mourning their inability to “go away”, to consider Audible as an alternative way to travel. We reimagined the brand as a travel service.

From city breaks in (not so) friendly Gilead to warmer weather on the surface of Mars, ‘Fly Audible’ takes us on an exhilarating trip. Harking back to a golden age of travel advertising, the team overcame Covid shooting restrictions and successfully increased relevance and consideration for the brand.

“Organic search traffic increased 12% in 30 days post TV launch, and the OOH creative was Audible's best performing to date.”