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CoppaFeel Know Yourself is the latest Advertising Campaign launched by Creative & Digital Company Fold7.
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Coppafeel Know Yourself
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Know Yourself


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The Context
Although checking breasts and chests has increased in 18-24 year-olds, a quarter of young women believe that breast cancer isn’t a problem for them ‘right now’ and a quarter of young men are not aware they could get breast cancer.
The Opportunity
Research by CoppaFeel! showed how only 20% of those who check their chests monthly identify as BAME and data from Cancer Research UK indicates that Black, Asian and minority Ethnic women are twice as likely to have their breast cancer diagnosed late compared with white women. Additionally, transgender and LGBTQ individuals with cancer have poorer outcomes than their straight & cisgender peers.

According to behavioural research conducted by Coppafeel!, the number one barrier to checking your boobs is body shame.

We took the decision to put body positivity at the top of our agenda. To get more people checking, we had to start way before that. Knowing, and loving yourself is the first and most important step.

This campaign had to be a celebration of inclusivity and body positivity, because loving your body means you are more likely to notice changes, and act on them.

Our campaign thought was:

“Breast cancer can affect any body. Knowing yours could save your life.” The idea was to normalise self-exploration, celebrate knowing yourself and reiterate why it’s so important.

In OOH, we imagined the body as a terrain that was just waiting for you to explore it.

CoppaFeel Know Yourself Ad Campaign Posters on tube
CoppaFeel Know Yourself Ad Campaign Poster
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“Year on year, CoppaFeel! has seen significant growth in young women claiming to check their boobs, which is driven by 18-24 year olds”

Coppafeel! Research