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PZC Carex Life is a Handful is the latest Advertising Campaign launched by Creative & Digital Company Fold7
PZC Carex Life is a Handful Advertising Campaign | Fold7
PZC Carex Life is a Handful
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Life's a Handful


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The Context
Covid represented a boom time in the world of hand hygiene, but for category leader Carex, it also meant navigating copycats and a market fixated on viruses and germs. The challenge? To stay true to their brand and stand out in a sea of heavily-sanitised sameness.
The Opportunity
As Covid came to an end, Carex's competitors were all making the same sterile, uninspiring noises.

We identified the fact that no brand within the category had created a successful emotional connection with the British public. And, given competitors’ interchangeable and rational messages around protection, there was no reason for people to choose one brand over another. We sought to reposition Carex as a brand that understood the challenges and joys of family life like no other.

Our campaign, “Life’s A Handful”, celebrated and empathised with the glorious messiness of life lived well - especially resonant at a time when Brits were finally able to get outside and start enjoying themselves again.

Our TV campaign saw us rework a well-known school assembly favourite as our new brand anthem, showing a nation revelling in the fact that they had “the whole world on their hands”.

We also refreshed Carex’s brand visual world to reflect a newfound optimism and celebration of real life, creating more distinctiveness at shelf and across the brand’s socials.

“Fold7 has strong strategic and creative capabilities, digital vision and an entrepreneurial approach which makes them a great agency partner.”

Megan Harrison – UK Marketing Director, PZ Cussons