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Audible Mindless Moments
Audible Mindless Moments
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Orangutan with headphones from Audible Mindless Moments campaign


Mindless Moments


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The Context
Audiobooks face a unique challenge: people know what they are, but struggle to see where they fit into their lives. How could we convince them that they have time to listen, and that an Audible subscription is worth the investment?
The Opportunity
Traditionally, Audible believed the main challenge to their audiobooks came from books, music and films.

But rather than competing with those beloved pastimes (and, let's be honest, they've been ingrained in people’s lives for decades) we saw an opportunity to position the brand as a unique solution to a modern problem: mindless internet scrolling.

By reframing the competition and focusing on the benefits of listening to audiobooks, we aimed to provide an enriching alternative to wasted screen time.

The launch campaign centred on two orangutans. In our film, one engaged in the familiar activity of swiping and gaming on a device, while the other calmly completed a Rubik's Cube after being inspired by listening to three audiobooks.

Audible Mindless Moments Poster Campaign on tube

A series of OOH posters asked the reader to think about more enriching tech experiences.

The memorable orangutan characters became a distinctive visual asset.

They quickly became iconic and ensured fluency across all marketing channels.


In ‘Temptations’ we bring the platform idea to life in a different way. We still reminded people that Audible can be an enriching alternative to 'mindless' scrolling.

The campaign featured a woman killing time on her various apps, which pop up and buzz distractingly around her, all vying for her attention.

Hitting play, her audiobook blocks out the apps around her, which vanish from view.


uplift in ‘Audible is a brand for me” amongst our key audience group


increase YOY of average minutes spent listening to Audible