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Carlsberg The Cabin is the latest Advertising Campaign launched by Creative & Digital Company Fold7.
Carlsberg The Cabin Advertising Campaign | Fold7
Carlsberg The Cabin
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Carlsberg The Cabin in the woods


The Cabin


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The Context
Rather than tell people what it meant to live 'The Danish Way,' we wanted them to experience it for themselves, allowing them to get up close and personal with the Danish values of simplicity, directness, and open communication.
The Opportunity
We whisked six strangers away from everyday life, took away their smartphones and devices, and challenged them to build not just a pub but also a friendship. We aimed to help them question their work-life balance and reassess their relationship with technology. We captured the team’s progress in a content series which launched across Carlsberg’s UK social channels.

Carlsberg sent six strangers with no prior construction experience, to a hidden slate quarry in Cornwall, where they built the world’s first waterfall-powered pub and were introduced to the Danish way of living.

Built over five days, the Carlsberg Cabin sits at the head of a waterfall that powers its lights and the Carlsberg Expørt DraughtMaster beer pump via a turbine.

Wooden cabin inside - Carlsberg The Cabin

The building itself is a modular design comprising sustainable larch wood which blends traditional Danish design cues with those of the classic British pub. The units were designed by architect Ben Huggins of New British Design.

Inside wooden cabin - Carlsberg The Cabin
Beers in a rack - Carlsberg The Cabin
Woman readuing a turbine instructions
Carlsberg The Cabin - wooden worktop

Photography by George Fielding