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Creative Agency Fold7 launch new Imperial Leather Overindulge Yourself TV Advertising Campaign.
PZC Imperial Leather Overindulge Advertising Campaign | Fold7
PZC Imperial Leather Overindulge
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Woman in a bath with candles enjoying PZC Imperial Leather

Imperial Leather

Overindulge yourself


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The Context
Imperial Leather came to us, ready for a much needed makeover. The brand had some latent awareness and for a few, triggered distant memories of the “Simon, Bermuda” ad of the 70s.
The Opportunity
The brand relaunch was set to follow the toughest few years the world had ever seen. Everyday indulgences were our solace. That and finding every opportunity to be a little ‘extra.’

Self care, whilst very important, had become a painfully cliched and earnest advertising trope. The washing and bathing category, in particular, was ripe for disruption. We didn’t want to reward people for unwavering selflessness with one moment of bliss. As an everyday indulgence brand, Imperial Leather would instead inspire more moments of unashamed selfishness.

Inspired by Imperial Leather’s (once) famous tongue-in-cheek humour, the “Overindulge Yourself” creative platform imagines how access to great indulgence and luxury could go to the head of an everyday mum.

Along with the 30” TVC, we created content for digital media placements and the brand’s socials.

Following our advertising relaunch, we’re taking Overindulgence to the nation through experiences, stunts and more. Watch this space. And pour yourself a glass of bubbles whilst you do.