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Kronenbourg 1664 Good Taste with a Twist is the latest TV Advertising Campaign launched by Creative & Digital Company Fold7.
Kronenbourg 1664 Advertising Campaign | Good Taste with a Twist | Fold7
Kronenburg 1664
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Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc TV ad woman wheeling bike down street

1664 Blanc

Good taste
with a twist


  • Branding
  • TVC
  • Art Direction


The Context
1664 Blanc struggled globally with extremely low brand awareness. It was built on a world of French clichés. To achieve the brand’s growth objectives, we needed to rebuild the equity entirely.
The Opportunity
We set out to challenge what a beer brand could be. What if we behaved more like a lifestyle brand? The product’s citrus twist would inform our brand behaviour. We set out to epitomise “Good Taste with a Twist.”

A playfully elegant, modern French world was created.

Its address – Rue 1664.

The “Good Taste with a Twist” campaign is running in over 40 markets including China, South Korea and Canada.

Launch markets use product assets that differentiate it as a wheat beer with a twist while in mature markets we’re forging emotional relationships with drinkers by playing in culture, putting playful twists on Art & Design.

We have created a world for 1664 Blanc that is distinctive and arresting with a clean, bold aesthetic that remains consistent across all assets.

Playful re-imaginings of the iconic blue bottle often takes centre stage.

Building brand equity whilst pushing the boundaries of what beer advertising can be.

Creating a visual identity and brand personality that transcends language to resonate with a global audience.

“1664 Blanc is now the fastest growing Global brand in Carlsberg Group's portfolio.”



Increase in premium brand perception


Increase in brand awareness


Increase in trial