News 16.09.14

Campaign: Half-Term Report 2014

The Campaign Half-Term reports are in, and this time there were no sweaty palms or anxiously playing the waiting game, as the crowdsourced initiative meant it was the agencies who got to do the judging. And so ahead of their School Reports for 2015, Campaign invited us to comment on our performance in the first half of the year – here’s a roundup of what we had to say:

“After a flurry of pitching, we’ve welcomed some fantastic new clients into the Fold, including the global Pandora account, and Pure Gym. We also extended our relationships with existing clients including Disney and Carlsberg… We’ve successfully re-established, introducing the public to the town of LlandofsavingmoneyandgettingtherightdealgogoGoCompare… We launched a major new campaign for Gumtree creating ‘Success’ as a key equity for the brand and the user experience… And on top of a busy year, we’ve made time to design and move into our new home in Farringdon…”

Score (self-awarded): 7

As you can see, we’ve had a very productive start to year but we’ll have to wait and see if Campaign match our rating in their 2015 reports.

Read our review in full here.