Play 20.01.14

Framestore & The Making Of Gravity

You don’t always realise the magnitude of a task until you speak to the people who have worked on it from the very beginning. So it was a real honour for us to be visited by one of Framestore’s founders, Mike McGee, to talk about the incredible story behind how they helped create the space-drama film, Gravity. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, the film is a triumph of visual effects and one of the greatest demonstrations of how far they can be pushed. A year in planning before they shot anything, the final product is 90% CGI with only the actor’s faces being shot in live action. Everything else is the work of 400 people across 3 years, from animators who had to learn from scientists how things move and behave in space, to a specially built 10m cube with huge LED panels that meant they could continually rotate the environment rather than the actors. Perhaps the most incredible fact from Mike’s talk was that if you were to try and render the entire film on just one computer, you would have had to start in 5000 B.C in order for it to be ready by now.

For a fully detailed account of how the film was made, and the trials and tribulations that were encountered, head to the link below. It’s well worth a read whether you’ve seen the film or not. A huge thank you to Mike McGee for taking the time to talk to us about the film, and for a truly inspiring hour.