Play 23.08.16

The Sprint King – Ben Ducker’s directorial debut

As if fulfilling his art directing duties wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Fold7 creative Ben Ducker has also been hard at work writing and directing his debut film “The Sprint King.”

In a typically honest and raw British style, Ben shines a light on the dark and gritty underworld of the “Sport of Kings” – the horse racing industry. We follow the humbling and remarkable true story of Yorkshire jockey Dandy Nicholls, a runaway boy who battled in the arenas of stable boxing and starved his body to its limits in order to stay light for races. Dandy’s big moment arrives when he’s given his first race under the bright lights of the stadium, riding the wild and unruly farm horse Soba. Together the underdog duo became an unstoppable force, taking the racing world by storm. The pair would no doubt have earned their title as the undisputed champions of the 80s race scene had it not been for their great rival horse, Habibti.

Inspired by his love of true stories and films such as “Snatch” and “This Is England”, Ben brings a gritty and honest approach to the often romanticized and glossy world of horse racing. He hopes this will make the film and its subject matter relevant and accessible to a new audience in the same way “Black Swan” did for ballet.

Have a watch of the short below which is currently being entered in various national and international film festivals. Ben hopes to develop the short into a TV drama or feature film so if you’d like to find out more or attend a private cinema screening, drop him a line here.