Thoughts 13.07.17

Trends In Content: 02 Instagram Football, Bots and Jay-Z on QVC?

Photo Credit: Viceland

It’s the next installment of our weekly series looking at content, trends, tech and creative inspiration.

TREND: Home shopping and album exclusives 

You’re too young to imagine buying something on a home shopping channel. You’re too cool you say, you’re too hip with your apps and next-day Amazon fulfillment. But with QVC buying Home Shopping Network for $2.1 Billion, a lot of people are buying a lot of stuff on their TVs, and it (soon) could be you.

With Jay-Z (47 years old) releasing his album 4:44 exclusively on Tidal, could there come a time when his aging user-base buys it exclusively from the home shopping network? With the average QVC customer averaging 50 years old, that time is closer than you think.


CONTENT: Football publisher over creates on Instagram content

Instagram is a major strategic focus for Bleacher Report, the football network has nearly 500K followers. For all their off the cuff posts, there’s a rigid program of over-creation happening behind the scenes. Monetisation is tricky for Instagram heavy publishers, as their audience doesn’t bother visiting their website. Bleacher Report is starting to collaborate with brands in order to create an additional revenue stream. Can football memes and content formats do the trick?


TECH: RED Cameras is making a holographic modular phone

I thought that when Google gave up trying to crack the modular smartphone after their Project Ara, that we had seen the end of modular tech. The design challenges proved too great for what seemed like little customer pay-off. People are happy to buy a new iPhone rather than upgrade it.

But now RED the camera manufacturer is making a high-end phone for videographers, breaking into a new tech category isn’t easy, particularly mobile phones. But modularity gives companies an opportunity to sell a whole eco-system of products and control pricing.

Airbus is also toying with the concept of a modular plane. Could our future be a modular one?


UNEXPECTED: We have a problem with bots

Bots used in support of the Trump campaign fell silent when he won the election. Now they are back but this time in France, targeting Macron – Think Progress. The study goes on to “suggest the possible existence of a black-market for reusable political disinformation bots” – University of South Carolina. These bots hold no national allegiance and whoever is controlling them is likely doing it for profit, not patriotism.

Is our growing threat from bots an opportunity for brands? Will there be a day when a brand creates their own swarm of bots to protect their online reputation or to attack their competitors? Could bots be used for good as well as political dis-information? Perhaps we may see a brand win a way into our hearts and stand up to these online bullies and spammers.


WATCH: What would Diplo do?

Diplo is an artist who really gets content. He makes music bought by cool, young kids. He’s got to stay relevant, the best way to do that is to not take himself too seriously and use his brand to pump out some really fresh content. This new series from VICE sees Dawson’s Creek James Van Der Beek play Diplo and be hilarious doing it. Be warned this will be a meme/reaction gif generating machine.

Bonus round – Did you watch the Major Lazer cartoon? It’s aces.