Thoughts 19.07.17

Trends In Content: 03 Designer Bricks, More Facebook ads and Naughty Teenagers

Photo Credit: High Snobiety

CONTENT: More ads coming to Facebook Messenger 

Continuing its quest to squeeze every last penny out of their eco-system, Facebook is launching more ads, this time to Messenger. Advertising is already available on Messenger albeit fairly limited, Facebook will now be pushing ads to the main home-screen.

Messenger only works because it’s a free and easy way to talk to your friends and organise that Hen Party. Chatting to brands via Bots or for a customer service issue is helpful and useful as it saves time. But brands need to be careful about how much money they pour into Facebook advertising as we’re starting to get a bit bored of it and turn off. When the other option is an ad-free WhatsApp experience we could soon start ditching Messenger altogether.


TREND: LV x Supreme Collaboration 

All y’all hipsters out there are already on this one, but in case you missed it – Louis Vuitton & Supreme did a collaboration and it was insanely popular. Even if the styling is all loud logos and overpriced accessories.

Although this will generate revenue, it won’t be a significant source of income (Louis Vuitton made $27B in gross profit last year). But the real value of this partnership is in the headlines and coverage it generated. Cancelling the drop for unknown reasons? Just another way to generate more hype.


TREND – Gen Y pay for their drugs on mobile apps 

Research has found that 33% of Gen Yers are paying for illegal drugs using Venmo. I have to admit until this article I didn’t know what Venmo was; It’s a mobile payments app owned by PayPal. What’s really interesting is that there’s a website that tracks the public transactions for people paying for drugs on the app. Check out Vicemo.


WATCH: Film Suez Slumber

Ever wonder where the hell is the world heading to? We’re mobile-phone addicted, constantly connected, buying designer bricks, and paying for drugs with apps. This short film perfectly sums up some of our not-so great behaviours in a hilarious sketch.