Thoughts 08.09.17

Trends In Content: 10 A Stranger Things video game, e-com giants muscle onto the high street and the Internet

Image Credit: YouTube

CONTENT: Netflix makes Stranger Things into an 80s video game

Can’t quite remember what happened in season one of Stranger Things? A novel idea here from Netflix rather than simply take the existing footage and edit it into a supercut. They created a story that’s watching of its own merit that harks back to all that retro video game aesthetic.


TREND: Online businesses move into retail

The high street isn’t dead, but it won’t ever be the same again. As hailed by the Amazon buyout of Wholefoods, online businesses are moving into retail. Although it may sound counter-intuitive to open a physical retail store right now, shop closures have tripled this year – CNN Money.

Missguided, Made and Dyson all went IRL in recent years. No matter how good the online experience, it appears that nothing can quite replace being able to see and touch the products you want to buy.

Where the difference will be rather than just having a physical extension of a great online brand is in the additional value added for customers. Such as pop in and get an in-store measurement and styling advice – to ensure your clothes fit and look perfect. These are then added into your app, so future recommended products look and fit great.


CONTENT: Werner Herzog documentary isn’t all it appears

Another Netflix story, but a must-watch in its own right. Werner Herzog (who doesn’t own a phone) did a documentary about the Internet. Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World is an insanely watchable dive into the people behind the Internet and the lives of those affected by it. What’s even more incredible is that this is a piece of branded content from Internet security provider Netscout.

WATCH: Supergirl and The Flash without effects

V-FX heavy shows are fun to watch but suffer from the same issue, take away the glitz of effects and all you are left with is a couple of actors looking silly. Peek behind the curtain and see what comic book characters Supergirl and The Flash look like pre-edit.