Thoughts 28.09.17

Trends in content: 13 Smart jackets, fashion week and your brain sucks at multi-tasking

Photo Credit: YouTube

TECH: Google x Levis Smart Jacket

It’s 2017, and we’re still not wearing ‘smart clothes’. The Back To The Future shoes have come and gone, and apart from a few limited releases and prototypes, 99.9% of our fashion remains distinctly analogue.

We can see items like this smart jacket hitting critical mass – the design and styling are great on their own, before the technology even been considered. The smart-tech only serve to make a great piece of apparel better, it’s not tacky or naff. It’s premium price point $350, is actually pretty good value for a semi-luxury item, that features some cool tech innovations and the rare early-adopter appeal of an item like this.


TREND: What brands can learn from fashion week’s ‘see now, buy now’ model

As shopping behaviour becomes more impatient and consumers increasingly look to buy and own products instantly, the innovation offered by social and digital platforms will become more important channels to serve them. Be inspired by the pioneering example set by Fashion Week and fashion brands, leading the way in bringing together the show experience and the shopping experience. And then there’s Amazon! The retail giant is testing a one-hour delivery service straight from the catwalk.


CONTENT: Kyra TV, a global, youth-focused, digital video channel

We discovered this ‘TV channel’ organically through people we follow on Instagram, friends of friends etc. Described as a channel on YouTube that produces ‘TV quality digital video franchises’ with an in-built brand collaboration department, they want to be ‘what MTV was 15 years ago for this generation’. They’re in their infancy but have already begun to amass a weighty following and have a great multi-platform approach (across digital and social) that builds a good picture of their start-up brand to new consumers. TV of the future?


TECH: Voice assistants vs. your brain

“Cognitive psychology research has shown that there is almost always a performance cost from multi-tasking.” Voice-assistants are here to make our lives easier but the now the next challenge to overcome is how are brains are built.