Thoughts 06.10.17

Trends In Content: 14 You’ve been hacked, you’ll lie because others do and the Facebook Watch scandal

Photo Credit: Strategy Labs

TREND: When will you care about your data being hacked?

Information is the new currency. And your personal data is gold-dust. Equifax got hacked big time, management sold millions of shares and bungled the fix causing their CEO to resign and their share price to drop near 20%. The dust hasn’t even begun to settle on this controversy, but they’ve now won a $7.25m contract by the American government for the IRS. What?! At a time when companies can lie and mishandle the truth about hacks – Yahoo now says that all of their accounts, 3 billion in total had been exposed in their 2013 breach – 4 years ago! When are we going to get serious about demanding oversight and regulation about the way companies treat your data?


CONTENT: The Psychology of Marketing on Instagram

How does the way in which our brains are hard-wired affect how we use social networks? Key takeaways from this blog, which is worth the read:

  • Our brains process visuals about 60,000 times faster than they process text. Using images/video is not only more effective but also more efficient. We’ll often look at the visual of a post first then scan our eyes back up to read the copy and see who shared it
  • We change the way we behave to match the way that others are behaving, in so much that we’ll give the wrong answer because others are doing it. This is an argument for creating influencer campaigns to shift behaviour in consumers


SOCIAL: Surprise! Facebook has favourites

Videos published on Facebook’s Watch (their content arm) are outperforming the norm. An analysis of 46 videos on 15 different Watch pages — including pages from top publishers and video creators Facebook is paying to make shows found the videos averaged 23 seconds in views. This is greater than the 16.7 seconds Facebook said its users spend watching a video in the Facebook News Feed.