Thoughts 31.10.17

Trends in content 15: Mosaic, Snapchat addicted teens and why we tell Google everything

CONTENT: HBO and Steven Soderbergh are making an interactive mini TV series using an app.

In an age of ‘I want, I get’, broadcasters are getting savvy to consumer appetite and have split apart the idea of a linear narrative, replacing it with a story you can watch from different perspectives using an app.

I like this – it reminds me of that famous Save The Children film, with a tech twist.


WATCH: This 6min chat from a former Google data scientist about the psychology in play between how you use Facebook vs. how you talk to Google.

“Don’t compare your Google searches to other people’s Facebook posts”…. because we all know we sugar coat the truth on Facebook.


SOCIAL: The psychological effects of social platform addiction

The problem with Snapchat and their snapstreaks (100 days of continuous communication), is that kids are getting so hooked on the buzz that they’re giving their snapchat to 5 friends to manage whilst they’re away on holiday. The addiction is real people.