News 19.10.14

Think Bigger interviews our Executive Creative Director, Ryan Newey

Think Bigger, who inspire greater communication and conversation between creatives and the print industry, recently popped into the Fold to talk with our Executive Creative Director, Ryan Newey. From our live digital installation ‘8-bit Lane,’ to our out of home work for, Ryan discusses how we go from concept to the finished output for some of our special-builds, as well as large-format print campaigns.

As the conversation turned to the role of printers and how influential they are in in terms of suggesting new developments and technology, Ryan comments that it’s always interesting to learn about new technology but that isn’t where Fold7 starts: “we start with just the idea of the campaign and what that’s got to deliver… all of the detail in terms of the final finish are icing on the cake for us, but not the driving factor.” Given that it’s the printers who bring the ideas to life, Ryan explains how he’s most excited by media owners willing to take on ideas that step outside of the usual 48 sheet out of home format. As he sums up, “We are only limited by our imagination… as long as we can imagine it and someone else can deliver it, that’s how it best works for us.”

Watch the interview in full below.