Thoughts 27.11.14

7 things worth sharing from the CMA’s Content Marketing Summit

Aside from massively overdosing on the ‘C-word’, the CMA’s International Content Marketing Summit was a great opportunity for the 300 people and 100 brands present to gain key insights and recommendations from the world’s top experts in the field. From guidance on strategy and planning, to advice on how to capitalise on upcoming trends, to a showcase of BuzzFeed’s finest cat and dog viral videos – the summit covered all aspects of the content marketing spectrum.

Here are some of our favourite takeouts from the session…

1. “Homepages don’t matter anymore. People are finding content through social media. Great content wins everything!” Will Hayward, Vice President, Europe at BuzzFeed.

2. “People don’t buy your product, they buy your perspective. If you don’t have thought leadership you don’t have much.” Jon Lombardo, Brand Strategist Enterprise Technology, LinkedIn.

3. Doug Kessler, Creative Director of Velocity, on his ‘insane honesty’ content strategy: “Actively seek out your weaknesses and share them openly.” Kessler believes an honest approach grabs attention and gives brands the confidence to trust you. He referenced the advertising rivalry between Avis and Hertz in the 60s, where in one of their campaigns, Avis openly acknowledged that they were second to their rivals and behind in market share; making their marketing seem more believable and trustworthy.

4. “Measure engagement, not view count – this correlates directly with purchase.” James Stafford, Vice President, Europe at StyleHaul.

5. Head of YouTube Brand Propositions Derek Scobie on what makes GoPro kings of content: “The value they add is not that people use their camera, it’s the curation of their user content – finding the best examples.”

6. “Content for us is the creation of premium storytelling. It has to have production values and a certain narrative arc for the audience to engage with it. That’s always our starting point – not the product.” Matt O’Mara, Managing Director, Vice.

7. “The bottom line is that it boils down to this: you need to know who your audience is, know the magic of the product and connect the two – this drives everything you have to do.” Itay Haber, Head of EMEA Marketing, Google for Work.

Honourable mention goes out to YouTube superstar Zoella who was referenced in four talks. Who the hell is Zoella some of you ask? The beauty vlogger attracts 12 million views on her YouTube channel every month and according to StyleHaul’s James Stafford, her name is searched half as much as ‘Waitrose’ – brands partnering with the online star are certainly winning at this content marketing game.

Finally, we’ll leave you with our favourite video shared at the summit courtesy of Google, showing what happens when music duo Hall & Oates collaborate on a track using Google Docs – watch it here. Until next year!