Thoughts 10.08.17

Trends In Content: 06 Gun vending machines, Amazon Overhaul, and No.5 goes all quirky

Image Credit: Living Lines Library

INNOVATION Weed, alcohol and gun vending machines

Something off the wall but highly shareable. These new fangled machines apparently have been tested so that kids won’t be able to get hold of alcohol, pharmaceuticals, casino chips, emergency pregnancy tests, cannabis, and (seriously) firearms… until they learn how to hack them!


CONTENT Amazon is making a home makeover show

The e-commerce giant is launching Amazon Overhaul with vloggers as the hosts. This smart move will blend editorial (how-to and design advice) with an immediate click-to-purchase. Our advice? Partner with Pinterest to acquire their search data on their users creating boards about home improvement and use this to feed the editorial content of the show. Then launch promoted pins that push Amazon’s Overhaul featured products to the top of Pinterest.


CONTENT Disney waves goodbye to Netflix

The content juggernaut that is Disney will be leaving Netflix to launch its own streaming service. Netflix did well to secure content rights to the studio and their marked increase in original content programming was a well-timed and smart move. Disney is powerful enough that it can pull in consumers on its own. Let’s not forget it also owns Pixar. If you want to watch Toy Story, it’s going to cost you an extra subscription in the future. Buzz and Woody have a while to settle into their new home, Toy Story 4 is out in 2019.


VIDEO Chanel No.5 & i-D

Chanel is daring to go beyond Kiera Knightley on a motorbike to do something really conceptual with their digital content campaign. Does it work? Not sure. Does it feel premium enough despite being super quirky? We think so. And there’s nothing else out there right now like it.