Thoughts 06.07.17

Trends In Content: 01 Addictive Tech, FB TV and Lego Cats

Photo Credit: ThisBugsLife.

In the first of our new series, Karel and Sarah from the Content Team will be bringing you our weekly highlights. Expect a mix of interesting reads plus trends from the worlds of content and technology. We’ll also be throwing you a healthy dose of creative inspiration and topping it off with our (hopefully) funny take on an industry buzzword.

WATCH: Scott Galloway Why Technology Is Irresistible (See below)

Half of teens are addicted to their mobile, the average Brit spends 2hrs a day purely on their phone.

How do you make your next tech product irresistible?

  • Make rewards intermittent and unpredictable, like a slot machine
  • Build in social functionality where possible; case study hipstamatic vs. Instagram
  • Seeing the Likes on one of your posts go up gives you a shot of dopamine (the stuff that makes your brain addicted)

TREND: Welcome to Facebook TV: Social Media Meets Original Programming

Targeting the broadest demographic of 13-34 year olds who like comedy and reality TV, Facebook is setting up to launch itself as an original content publisher, hoping to rival Netflix and Amazon.

CONTENT: Make Branded Content People Actually Care About

Brands that are winning online are consumer centric. What does that mean? It means you entertain your audience, not advertise to them… like Coca-Cola.


  • Allow people to talk about themselves
  • Make people feel a part of something
  • They’re new and surprise people

UNEXPECTED: Lego models of cats

You can now buy nonofficial lego models of cats. While it’s cool, we can’t help but wonder if Lego have missed a trick. Boo the most famous dog in the world has 17m fans on Facebook – why doesn’t Lego release sets for the most famous cats and dogs on Instagram? The animal influencers would even do the job of marketing the product to their already engaged fanbases.

WATCH: Jonas Lindstroem’s Truth or Dare 21 Performances

Not totally SFW but we love it so much we just had to share it. It’s intense, eye-ball grabbing snapshots into our modern life. For any Kendrick Lamar fans out there, Jonas directed the recent ELEMENT music video.

Buzzword Basher: Media Agnostic

Noun: a person who believes that the existence of advertising cannot be proven, regardless of irrefutable proof; they remain skeptical.