Thoughts 09.03.18

Trends In Content 20: Poor YouTubers, HomePods and Prince Charming

CONTENT: The majority of YouTubers eke out a meagre crust

Bloomberg’s latest report shows that most influencers actually don’t make enough money to survive. It’s not the glamorous life that we think it can be, more like working two-jobs, eating Tide pods and hoping for your big YouTube break. Plus there’s going to be a lot of disappointed kids as 75% want to be YouTubers and vloggers when they grow up.

MEDIA: Saudi Prince advertising in the press

How do you make a country love you? By launching an advertising campaign of course.

Caroline Lucas (Co-leader of the Green Party) highlights the conflicting nature of this campaign, echoed by Peter Spiegel (News Editor at the FT). It was always going to be a hard campaign to pull off without any backlash, but surely Creative that really stood out would have made feel a lot less like propaganda.


TECH: New version of Android will stop apps secretly using your mic and camera

There has been this persistent rumour that the Facebook app would on the sly be recording everything you did when you had it open on your phone. Or that the iPhone Uber app could record anything on your screen (that last one isn’t so much a rumour as a fact). Now Android is going to stop apps from being naughty and recording when you don’t give them permission.

ADVERTISING: Apple gets FKA Twigs dancing to an exclusive Anderson .Paak track

The HomePod is Apple’s smart speaker that in true Apple fashion locks you into their eco-system, so much so that you can’t even play music over Bluetooth. But that hasn’t stopped it’s advertising from being on-point. With some incredible dancing from FKA Twigs in an amazing moving set, they feature a catchy Anderson .Paak track that you can only stream on Apple Music – smart.